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Our products...

 ...are fundamental in order to analyse and characterise nano/biotech products.

Together with by Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH we have developed Eclipse ® DUALTEC 

This analytical platform makes it possible to use two different lines of separation, both  available in one system:

  • size-exclusion chromatography (SEC)
  • hollow-fiber flow-field flow fractionation (HF5)

byFlow's R&D team worked on the development of HF5 applications and technology and made it commercially available.

HF5 separation has many advantages over other Flow FFF techniques:

  • low dead volume
  • high sensitivity
  • short analysis time
  • low amount of sample, solvent and time required for sample preparation
  • ready-to-use and disposable cartridges, which avoid assembling steps and last for more than 100 analyses

We have developed an innovative technology to sort human stem cells. The technology is named Non-Equilibrium, Earth Gravity Assisted Dynamic Fractionation (NEEGA-DF), it is patented in Italy and North America by the University of Bologna, and it is exclusively licensed to byFlow. NEEGA-DF allows for tag-less isolation of viable stem cells within heterogeneous stem cell populations, which have a defined and high differentiation potential. The newco Stem Sel is currently developing to the ready-to-market phase the instrumentation that implements NEEGA-DF. 

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