The Social Flow
byFlow is...

...a company oriented to R&D service which offers innovative know-how, technologies and methodologies to provide solutions in nanoanalytical chemistry. 

Our background is the Academic world.

Our company was “born” at the Department of Chemistry "G. Ciamician", University of Bologna, Italy, when we stepped ahead from a purely academic research contest to the development of industrial technologies.

Our technologies...

...are based on the development of flow field-flow fractionation (FFF) techniques, which are emerging methodologies in the nano/bio analytical field. Over many years we have largely-acknowledged expertise in the development and application of FFF-derived technologies and methods coupled with multiangle laser scattering (MALS) and fluorescence detection, mass spectrometry, and immunoassays. We are world leader in the development and application of proprietary technologies targeted to downscale or upscale FFF-assisted separation protocols. 

We have developed FFF devices to make the separation process particularly suited to avoid sample carryover and sterility issues. The research team is author of more than 100 papers, of hundreds of contributions to scientific congresses, and of two patents.

byFlow s.r.l. – solutions in analytics for nano/biotechnology • Via Caduti della Via Fani, 11/B - 40127 Bologna, Italy
P.IVA (VAT code) 03032331203 • Capitale sociale i.v. (paid-up capital stock) 10.000€
Iscritta al Registro Imprese di Bologna (registered with the registrar of companies, Bologna): n. 03032331203